Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc.

Saint Petersburg, Florida
A section of the roads at Winston Park North East was overlaid with a new asphalt surface three years ago.  Manager Vance Pland, of Rampart Properties, reports the roads were already filled with hairline cracks and had drastically changed color. When asphalt roads dry out, they turn a dusty white and begin to crack. The board decided to have the roads rejevenated rather than overlaid again, and the difference is amazing!"

The School Board of Sarasota
I have had the pleasure of working with Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc. for several years. I have always been extremely impressed with their professionalism and the quality of their final product.  Their “rejuvenation” product has held up well in all locations that we’ve had it installed. We’ve used it on tracks, parking lots and play courts to help expand the life of the asphalt.

North Port Florida
I have been a manager since 1990 overseeing large communities with miles of private roads.  I have been involved in complete excavation and reinstallation of roads from storm drains sub base and asphalt.  Working with asphalt, I understand that you do not mix water with oil.  Water base seal coats smother oil base asphalt.  While making it look pretty it causes the asphalt to crack and speeds failure of asphalt under the sealer.  A few years back I heard of rejuvenator.
St. Luke's United Methodist Church Orlando
Please accept this letter as a sincere thank you for the great job your company did on evaluating,
repairing and recoating our parking lot areas. Our lots were in terrible shape and now they look